Erasmia Kadinopoulou

Until Light Slaps

22.06.2024 — 27.07.2024
Until Light Slaps

Exhibition text

I wanted to lick all of your wounds like a dog.
Until you are fully healed.

I put the needle under your skin
Rope the two sides together.
Stretch them.

Every night
I nod the yarn.
The one I knit on you.

Like my grandma used to do.
And then she was making carpets,
And blankets,
And clothes,
To warm the house up,
To warm her beds,

For the little Partridges.
That is how she called her daughters.

Erasmia Kadinopoulou (b. 1995, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens. Her first solo exhibition was held at ΎΛΗ [matter] Hyle, Athens, Greece (2023). Kadinopoulou received her MFA from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2024. Through writing, sculpture and photography she creates poetic environments that are characterised by their unsettled biographic references.